Making connections better and faster
We take rail freight to the next level, making connections between economic hubs in Europe better and faster.
Green Xpress Network
Innovation: with its Green Xpress Network B Logistics introduces the direct international rail connections you were looking for.
“Our ambition is to achieve the modal shift by actively offering our clients rail products and services that outperform other transport solutions.” Geert Pauwels, CEO

Revolutionary improvement

Making the shift from road to rail requires revolutionary product improvements and innovations that boost performance. Our Green Xpress Network already offers a network of reliable, fast and direct connections throughout Europe. We continue to optimise and extend our product portfolio in an innovative manner by bundling intermodal and conventional volumes. Moreover, we are continuously streamlining and upgrading our entire rail network.

As rail transport has not evolved much in the last 100 years, innovation is key to bring it into the 21st century. B Logistics is all for a complete redesign of rail operations. We already are one of Europe’s most innovative players in the rail industry, implementing tools and applications that significantly improve quality, efficiency and safety (e.g. tablets for train drivers and station personnel, e-learning platforms, scientifically developed planning tools, …). We aim to stay a frontrunner in cargo-by-rail.

We aim to stay a frontrunner in cargo-by-rail.